Folk Dances

Folk Dances

Folk Dances

BORDER, aims to train students who can make international professional career and therefore it adopts an academic education programme in global standards. However, all the students whosign up to the schhol and continues education can not have this target. Even this situation is available for specific students who have special abilities. For the others, ballet and dance are activities that will give fun as a hobby. Yet ballet education is an activity which is beyond being "only" a hobby for each student who plans a professional career or not. It is a reality that by this education they will have advantages which will effect all of their lives certainly. Our club continues to its folk dances activities in three different field as social, contest and professional. Each platform has subgroups like:


nursery class and  1st class (5-7 ears old): It is our Social group. We aim to introduce culture, give local musical songs and basic folk dance steps to our toddlers.
2nd class (7-8 years old): It is one level up of our basic start class. After giving basic folk dance information we introduce them to a local education that is suitable for age. These classes are the ones basic steps are learnt according to the selected local area.                          

3rd class (8-9 years old):A local area is selected for sutiable age local figures are taught also 2. local area installation is done.

4th class (9-10 years old): These are groups which will be prepared for contest. Contest games and end of year show local area are taught. Priority is given to 5th class for contest tam and also when it is suitable students can be selected from this group.

5th class (10-11 years old): preparation to contest. Education forcontest games are given to students with end of year show local area. It is the most ready group for the contest. From this group students are chosen to the contest.

Toddlers and stars contest group: This group represents us in Turkish Folk Dances Federation contests. This group has discipline and a hard working tempo. This group is professional.This group will represent us in Turkey and in the world. these activities are performed with children who aim folk dance and dance.In academical means.

Stars(6th, 7th and 8th classes):(12-14 years old): These are groups in which many installations are made locally. Local area is Kafkas. Kafkas area is a hard and special dance area which includes esthetical, flexible and acrobatical moves.Other local area education also continues while giving intense kafkas education.              

Youngsters(15-18 years old): An intense show games education is given to our yongsters. Our dancers who completes their maturization period have the opportunity to show themselves in many shows.              

Adults(above 18 years old and older): Social groups. It is a decharge method to get away from daily stress and job tempo. Routine works can be forgotten for a while and Positive energy can be taken by dancing and listening the music also by concentrating on figures. At the same time your self confidence increases when you see you can dance and you enjoy yourself by being successfull after finishing end of year shows as a group.